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CK3 Pro (Rev D) - REVIEW

March 14th, 2010

What do you get for your money?
t-x reviews 040.JPG
More than I expected to be honest! Neatly packaged and sealed, you get:

  1. USB cable (for 74850C LiteOn drives)
  2. HDD adaptor
  3. CK3 Pro (Rev D)
  4. Drive power cable
  5. SATA Cable


1. The USB cable (provided) is for use ONLY with 74850C fw LiteOn drives (drivers available from T-X website simply found and installed.)

2. The HDD adaptor (was actually surprised to see this included) a nice little bonus - plugs directly  into your Xbox HDD, there is only 1 way it fits due to its clever shape! Can be powered using USB (which is part of kit anyway) or straight from a Molex in your pc.


t-x reviews 062.JPG

(shown here connected using USB and SATA – both provided J)
Of course you have to source your own software for browsing the HD but there are several options easily available (google is your friend)

3. The CK3 Pro (Rev D) – The main item. Well it doesn’t disappoint, it has all the angles covered. Firstly it has power input in the form of a Molex socket (standard in most pc’s), it has a sturdy sliding on/off switch (unlike some other connect kits).

Big on being versatile it has the option for 74850C LiteOn drives of using either USB or Serial outputs (Additional probe add-on required) and a simple switch to choose which output you use.
Then in two corners you have an eject button (which press once eject, again to close) and a mode B button (for Hitachi drives- with LEDs to show what position its in- BLUE = normal, RED = mode B selected)
Of course it also has a drive power cable socket.
Overall a compact and sturdy unit with a nice foam backing (prevents any circuitry shorting on drive casings etc) which has adhesive if you peel off the paper, so you can stick it to anything should you wish to do so!

4. Drive power cable – not normally worth saying too much about, however in this case – Its cables are coloured red and green! These aren’t coloured for fun! After many, many people still managing to plug drive cable in upside down (normally destroying their drive and connection kit) Not only has the CK3 Pro (Rev D) got built in Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses To Prevent Damage If You Plug In The Power Cable Incorrectly – BUT,

They have also coloured the cable to guide you when plugging it in – it works as simply as this:
If the unit (drive or CK3 Pro) is facing upwards, then the cable should be GREEN facing upwards! – If the cable is RED but unit is right way up – ITS WRONG!
Simple Idea but so visually obvious it’s brilliant J

t-x reviews 041.JPG


5. Standard SATA cable – used to connect your drive to your PC (one less thing you need to obtain)

Here is the CK3 Pro (Rev D) all connected up to the drive and the PC, Simple to do!
I deliberately have chosen not to cover the add-on probe for the 74850C as I will be reviewing the Probe 2 shortly.
The CK3 Pro connects easily and logically to the drive and power plug, all plugs connect firmly and switches and LED’s are self explanatory.

t-x reviews 064.JPG

I have used the CK3 Pro effortlessly with Jungleflasher 1.72 (including use of probe on USB and Serial) on ALL versions of drive currently on the market.
I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. Rock solid performance everytime!
So much so I have peeled back the backing and stuck it to the side of my PC for ease of use and accessibility. Looks like this inexpensive bit of kit will be staying as the central part of my kit!

A great affordable product, A must for any Modder, experienced or complete beginner!