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JF to fully Support Xecuter x360USB PRO

The JungleFlasher Team are proud to annouce we have been embedding full support for the upcoming XECUTER X360USB PRO. This it the most exciting thing to happen on the flashing scene since JF hit the scene over 2 years ago.

The neat device will simplify flashing for all users. It integrates seemlessly into JF. It shows as I/O port 0x0000, nothing else changes, everything else works as it always does.

The real advantage as we see it:

  • Compatibilty: one device, not 1000's of different vendors.
  • Support: it works, if you have issues, it has been seen before.
  • Installation: Plug it in, ta dah, you're ready.
  • Interoperability: works on all current windows OS, signed drivers, no messing.
  • Portability: you can take it with you, it's tiny, smaller than a credit card.


This device has been a pleasure to work with. We couldn't have done it better ourselves.


Team JungleFlasher launch our support Forum

Team JungleFlasher proudly presents our support forum. We have allways fully supported our application on IRC and on the various Fora. Now we bring the home of JungleFlasher Support.

For support and the latest news visit and join us at

Limited Edition USB Xtractor in Jungle Camo

Recently, (FCS) approached us about commissioning a limited edition of the Maximus USB Xtractor in Jungle Camo. Mainly, as a sign of their appreciation for us having included support for the Maximus USB Xtractor Switch. Apart from being mega cool which was good enough for us, was also offering to make a donation for each unit sold.

Currently exclusive at and

USA & Canada

USA & Canada